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Burn 20 is a fully approved blackjack game that is new to the State of Nevada. Burn 20 can only be found at Binion’s, which is located in Downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street. The typical minimum for Burn 20 is $10, with a maximum bet of $500. Burn 20 is a standard blackjack game with two exceptions, the dealer cannot start a hand with a hard 20, and if the dealer is showing a ten value card, they must burn a suited blackjack.

The game is dealt with 8 decks, but only about half of the shoe is dealt. The rest is cut out of the shoe. This is done due to counting face cards being even more advantageous in Burn 20 than in other blackjack games. The dealer must hit a soft 17. Players may also double any number of cards, which means some soft hands and some 9 double hands will change compared to a normal blackjack game. Players may also split any pair. Surrender is not allowed in Burn 20.

If the dealer starts with a ten value card showing, they check their hole card. If the dealer has another face card, or an ace that matches the up card’s suit, the entire hand is discarded and two new cards are drawn. The dealer checks their hole card once again if they are showing an ace or a ten value card. Now, if the dealer has a hard 20, or any blackjack, the hand is discarded. This is done until the dealer does not have a hard 20 or a blackjack. If the dealer has an ace and a 9 in the same start hand at any time that is not considered to be a hard 20 and the hand continues. Players cannot see the dealer’s hole card unless it is burned, until the players have acted.

To make up for these rules, if the dealer makes a 22, the dealer pushes all non dealt blackjacks. This means that players should hit 13 vs a 2. Players should also split 2’s, 3’s, 7’s and 9’s against a ten value card. This is because a player knows that the dealer does not have a 20 dealt.