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Super Fun 21 is another variation to the traditional blackjack game. Although it has the same essence and goal of achieving the ‘blackjack’ or ‘21’, and beating the dealer, it still has a great deal of differences when it comes to payouts.

Make sure to read-up on the traditional blackjack rules for a better understanding of Super Fun 21.

Super Fun 21 Rules

As mentioned above, some of the main differences between regular blackjack and Super Fun 21 lie on the payouts; however, we will see a few points prior to the payout ratios:

The game is played with a deck of 52-cards.

Players are allowed to split up to 4 times per hand, and for same value cards such as 2-2, 4-4… the bet, however, must be the same amount as the initial bet. Players may also double down on any hand, and after splitting if desired.

There is a late ‘rescue’ or ‘surrender’ option available, where players can get back half the amount bet.

A player’s natural blackjack beats anything the dealer gets, however, only getting an even money payout.

Players will also be able to win with a 5-card hand or a 6-card hand without going over 21.

How To Play Super Fun 21

Considering the above differences only, the game still has the overall same structure as regular blackjack.

Players put down their initial bets; get the cards dealt by the dealer; make their choice of a split, a double down, a hit, and/or a stand. If the player gets a higher value than the dealer, without going over 21, then he/she wins…

If a tie happens, then it is a push, and the players get their money back – unless the player gets a blackjack as the dealer, then the player would actually win that tied hand.

Super Fun 21 Hand Examples

Here are some of the hands talked about above, as well as the payout structured mentioned before as well:

  • A ‘blackjack’ pays 1:1
  • A ‘blackjack’ made out of the ‘Diamond’ suit pays 2:1
  • Insurance, if you decide to purchase it, pays 2:1
  • If the player’s hand value equals 20 or less with a 6-card or more hand, it pays 1:1
  • If the player’s hand value equals 21 with a 5-card or more hand, it pays 2:1

The best occasions when to make use of the rescue or surrender is when the player usually has a 15 or 16 value hand while the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. The rest is up to your discretion and strategy, which you should read-up and be familiar with.

These last two points on the 5-card and 6-card possibilities are only eligible to the player if he/she has not doubled down on that hand already.

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