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Looking at Downtown Las Vegas casinos, things have not shifted much since we took a look at the betting destinations last year. With that being said, there has been a bit of a shift to 6-5 blackjack payouts by some properties, but it is refreshing to see the vast majority of games are still the more advantageous 3-2 variety.

The downtown casinos in Las Vegas still maintain their party pits, where attractive dealers in skimpy outfits deal blackjack to players. Players can expect to find these games at The D, Golden Gate, Binion’s, Golden Nugget, and Las Vegas Club.

Just like last year, the best blackjack in Downtown Las Vegas is found at El Cortez Casino. The game features 3-2 blackjack payouts, uses a single deck, and allows for players to double down on any two cards. The game is made even more appealing for its $5 minimum bet and extremely low House Hold % of 0.0019346.

Another strong contender for best Downtown Las Vegas blackjack is at the Golden Nugget, whose blackjack offerings include shoe games that allow for doubling down after splits, re-splitting of aces, surrendering, and low $10 table minimums. As always, the Golden Nugget also features a variety of other blackjack games ranging from single deck all the way up to six bet shoe games. The casino is widely known for its excellent comp programs, and high rollers can earn a VIP host right off the bat.

Binion’s remains a bad bet for players partaking in blackjack, as the casino has two blackjack tables offering shoe games with horrible 6-5 payouts for play. The casino’s single deck blackjack remains, but so does the awful double rules that restrict you to doubling on 10 and 11.

With that exception, Downtown Las Vegas continues to offer some of the best blackjack rules in all of Las Vegas, and players can read about the different games being offered below.

Downtown Las Vegas Blackjack Survey

# of Decks
Min Bet
Max Bet
H/S 17
# of Tables
Party Pit
6/5 BJ
House Hold %
Plaza651000H----2NoNoNoNoFree Bet0.0102
Golden Nugget6101000H----1NoNoNoNoFree Bet0.0102
Golden Nugget1101000HYesNoNoNo1NoYesYesNoNo0.0169824
Golden Nugget1101000HYesNoNoNo2NoNoYesNoNo0.0169824
Golden Nugget2102500HYesNoNoNo4NoNoNoNoNo0.0060225
Golden Nugget2255000HYesYesNoNo3NoNoNoNoNo0.0045688
Golden Nugget6101000HYesYesNoNo3NoYesYesNoNo0.0199842
Golden Nugget6102500HYesYesYesYes9NoNoNoNoNo0.0048263
Golden Nugget6255000HYesYesYesYes3NoNoNoNoNo0.0048263
Main Street Station15500H----1NoNoNoNoSuper Fun 210.0116
Main Street Station15200HYesNoNoNo1NoNoYesNoNo0.0169824
Main Street Station251000HYesNoNoNo9NoNoNoNoNo0.0060225
Main Street Station65500HYesNoNoNo1NoNoNoNoNo0.0078327
Golden Nugget1101000H----1NoNoYesNoFree Bet0.0196
Plaza651000H----1YesNoNoNoMost Liberal 210.0133
The D252500H----2NoYesNoNoFree Bet0.0085
The D255000HYesYesNoNo1NoYesNoNoNo0.0045688
The D655000HYesYesNoNo7NoYesNoNoNo0.0063873
The D651000HYesYesNoNo1NoYesNoNoWar BJ0.0063873
Vegas Club65500H----1YesNoNoNoMost Liberal 210.0133
Vegas Club210500HYesNoNoNo1NoYesNoNoNo0.0060225
Vegas Club65500HYesYesNoNo12NoYesNoNoNo0.0063873
Vegas Club65500HYesYesNoNo2YesYesNoNoNo0.0061563
Downtown Grand653000HYesYesNoNo10NoNoNoNoNo0.0063873
4 Queens110500HYesNoNoNo1NoNoYesNoNo0.0169824
4 Queens210500HYesNoNoNo1NoNoNoNoNo0.0060225
4 Queens810500HYesYesNoYes1NoNoNoNoNo0.0056926
4 Queens85500HYesYesNoYes10NoNoYesNoNo0.0192724
Downtown Grand2252000HYesYesNoNo1NoNoNoNoNo0.0045688
4 Queens65500H----2NoNoNoNoBJ Switch0.0058
El Cortez15500HYesNoNoNo10NoNoNoNoNo0.0030346
El Cortez1251000HYesNoNoNo1NoNoNoNoNo0.0030346
El Cortez23500HYesYesNoNo2NoNoNoNoNo0.0045688
Fremont15500H----2NoNoNoNoSuper Fun 210.0116
Fremont65500HYesYesNoNo1NoNoYesNoChange It 21-
Golden Gate251000H----2NoYesNoNoFree Bet0.0085
Golden Gate652500HYesYesNoNo13YesYesNoNoNo0.0061563
Golden Nugget1101000H----1NoNoNoNoSuper Fun 210.0116
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Downtown Las Vegas Casinos

4 Queens

4 Queens offers some of the worst blackjack games in all of downtown Las Vegas. The casino floor is littered with 6-5 blackjack games. Players do not need to walk far to find 3-2 games with the same minimums. The double deck game does not allow double down after splitting.


Binion’s was once known as a place that gamblers could get a great deal on play with small wagers. That is no longer the case. Many of Binion’s games pay 6-5 on blackjack, even outside of the party pit. The casino offers a single deck game that pays 3-2 on blackjack, but the minimum bet is $25. A short walk to The D will find the same game with just a $5 bet.


California specializes in $5 double deck blackjack. Players cannot double after splitting in this game. There is one $3 minimum shoe game with the same rules. These games are consistent with other downtown Boyd Gaming properties.

Downtown Grand

Downtown Grand offers friendly rules in both its double deck and six deck games. The six deck game has a $5 minimum and allows doubling after the split, re-split aces and surrender. The double deck game allows doubling after the split with a $25 minimum. Both games hit a soft 17.

El Cortez

El Cortez once offered the best blackjack game in city. That was back when players could double on any two cards in its 3-2 single deck blackjack game. That is no longer the case as doubles are only allowed on 10 or 11 now. It is still one of the best games in Las Vegas. The El Cortez double deck has a $3 minimum and allows double down after splitting.


Fremont offers the standard Boyd Gaming downtown rules. Players may not double down after splitting. The double deck has a $5 minimum bet, while the shoe has a $3 min.

Golden Gate

Golden Gate has a split personality. It is a standard casino during the day. At night, it turns into a party pit. The $5 minimum bet games have the same rules day and night. Players may double any two cards and after the split. Some tables have continuous shuffle machines.

Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget offers some great six deck games. Players may double after splitting, re-split aces and surrender, all with a $5 bet. The double deck game on the main floor has a $25 minimum but does not allow double down after splitting. A short walk to the high limit area allows doubling after the split and often has the same minimum bet. Golden Nugget offers the only single deck Free Bet Blackjack game in the city, however, it pays 6-5 on blackjack.

Main Street Station

Main Street Station is another downtown Boyd property that specializes is $5 minimum double deck blackjack. Double down after splitting is not allowed. Single deck Super Fun 21 is also spread.


Plaza offers $5 blackjack on shoe games where double down after splitting is allowed. Players may not surrender or re-split aces. Do not be fooled by the game described as Most Liberal 21. It pays even money on all blackjacks that are not suited and hits a soft 17, making it far worse than traditional blackjack, even with its unusual rules.

The D

The D was once known as Fitzgeralds. It is now a sister property of Golden Gate that has dual personalities. During the day it resembles other table game pits. At night, it offers 3-2 blackjack payouts in a party pit setting. Players will find $5 games at all tables. This includes a single deck game that pays 3-2 on a blackjack, but only allows doubling on 10 and 11. The double deck game allows doubling on any two cards and after the split. The six deck game offers the same rules.

Vegas Club

Vegas Club is another property that becomes a party pit at night and still pays 3-2 on blackjack. Like its sister property Plaza, Vegas Club offers Most Liberal 21, which is not so liberal. Most minimum bets are $5. Vegas Club no longer offers video blackjack games.

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