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War Blackjack is a game that offers a unique side bet that also plays into the hand. The game starts just as a normal blackjack game does. Players make a wager in the betting circles. There is a traditional blackjack bet and the War Blackjack side bet. Players must make a blackjack wager. The War Blackjack bet is optional.

Players that do not wish to play the War Blackjack bet may wish to play at a different table as the game may be slower than normal blackjack games. The rules may also be slightly less favorable.

The dealer starts by dealing one card to the players and one to the dealer. All are dealt face up. The side bet is determined based on this one card. This is the first card of the two that will be dealt and will later be played in the standard blackjack hand. Just like in Casino War, the highest card wins. Aces are considered low in Blackjack War.

The house wins all ties in War Blackjack. This prevents having to deal out four cards to everyone as this would burn the deck out and change the flow of the game.

The side bet creates an interesting scenario. The amount originally wagered on the Blackjack War bet must now go on top of the original blackjack wager if it wins the war. It is now in play, just as the standard bet is.

There are two options with the winnings. A player may bank the amount won on the war portion of the hand or add it to the blackjack bet.

There is a simple way to remember how to use the war win. Always bank the bet if the dealer is showing an ace or a card worth 10 points. With other door cards, play if the total between your card and the dealer’s card is 11 or higher. The one exception is to play an 8 when the dealer is showing a 2.

The hand continues as normal after the Blackjack War bet is resolved. The players receive one additional card face up and the dealer places his card down. Winning side bets that are played must be matched when splitting. Players may double down for less just like in all other blackjack games. There is no reason to ever do this though. Always make sure that you have enough chips to double and split when making the Blackjack War side bet to prevent a scenario where you do not have enough chips to play the hand correctly.

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