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Change it 21 is a blackjack variant that debuted at Fremont Casino and Hotel in downtown Las Vegas in September 2014 during its field testing. The game is owned by Change it Up, LLC.

Change it 21 is dealt out of a six-deck shoe. The minimum bet is $5, while the maximum allowed wager is $500.

The game starts the same as most other blackjack games. Players make a wager and receive two cards face up. The dealer receives one card down and the other up. The dealer checks for blackjack and pays any winning naturals immediately if the dealer does not also have 21. A hand where the player and dealer are both dealt 21 on the first two cards is a push. Insurance is offered as normal so players facing an ace may take even money. Once blackjacks are resolved, the hand proceeds as normal.

Difference Between Change it 21 and Blackjack

A player has the option of replacing one of his first two cards. This is the “Change it” feature. It comes at a price. The player must pay a fee of 50% of the original bet to exchange a card. A $5 original bet would require $2.50 to replace a card. This $2.50 goes into the dealer’s tray and is no longer in play.

This step is optional. A player may choose to stick with his original two cards and not pay any fee.

If the player decides to exchange a card, he tells the dealer which one. The card is placed in the discard tray and the next card off the top of the shoe is dealt in its place. This card must be kept and included in the final hand. If the player makes a blackjack with the replacement card, it is paid immediately.

Replaced blackjacks cannot push because the dealer has already checked his hole card.

Players may also change a card after splitting. The fee also applies here. The original paired card cannot be exchanged, only the card dealt after the split. Both split hands may be changed if the player chooses to do so.

The rest of the hand plays out as normal. The highest point value without going over 21 wins. Ties are pushed.

Change 21 Rules

• Dealer hits soft 17

• Blackjack pays 6-5

• Double down on any two cards, even after exchanging a card

• No double down after splitting

• No surrender or re-splitting aces allowed

• Split aces receive just one card, but the new card may be changed for a fee

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