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HighHand Blackjack can be found at the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas. The table limits for the blackjack bet are $5-$500. There is also a sidebet that is required if there are two or more players at the table. This sidebet is awarded to the player with the highest blackjack hand at the table at the end of the hand. The starting amount of the sidebet is $5 but it can be raised to any amount divisible by $5 as long as all players at the table agree.

The game is dealt slightly different than a standard blackjack game. A button is used, much like it is at a live poker table. Unlike poker, the button moves to the right and not the left. The player to the left of the button is dealt first. Players are dealt in clockwise. This includes the dealer, although the dealer does not act on their hand until all players at the table have acted on theirs.

The player to the left of the button acts first. The hand is dealt like a standard blackjack game with one exception. A player that splits must add an additional sidebet to match their split hand.

The player with the highest blackjack value hand will win the pot. The house will take a 5% rake from each winning pot. The hand is declared a push if the dealer is dealt a blackjack, has the highest total even if there is a push, two players push or if a player splits their hand and their split hands tie for the highest value at the table. The sidebet pot will stay in the middle in the event of a push and players will be forced to ante again.