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Players looking to elevate their blackjack game can use blackjack software programs that can simulate scenarios so players can improve their game with limited risk. Blackjack software can also be used for running simulations on rule variations.

Below we have chosen 3 of the most popular blackjack software programs: Casino Vérité, blackjack 678 and blackjack gold.

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Casino Vérité


Probably the best or at least the most popular blackjack software out there – Casino Vérité from QFIT has managed to gain the respect and reference of most of the biggest blackjack pros, critiques, and informational casino resources.

These include names such as Arnold Snyder, Mike Shackleford, and Donald Schlesinger among many others, as well as acquiring numerous five-star awards from Windows shareware websites and organizations.

These big names referencing and recommending Casino Vérité software simply adds to its credibility for ones’ path to becoming a blackjack professional, or at least an avid player.

The software is basically done in a way to simulate the exact play at any casino, down to card counting for beginners to pros.

For instance, it covers the complete basics of card counting for beginners, the essence, and lots of practice sessions.

For intermediate to high-level players, they will find the ability to practice on specific issues only, such as weaknesses, side counts, cover strategies, increasing speed and accuracy on the subject and much more. It also keeps records of your sessions to help you out more identifying those weak plays, and ultimately improving your game.

For tournament players, it also carries tournament modes just for this type of games.

Unlike most other programs out there, Vérité uses a 3D view of the table to add to its realistic casino play and simulations. It also carries a selection of screen resolutions instead of stretching them, keeping the graphics crisp and clean.

Not only that, but Casino Vérité holds an immense selection of blackjack rule variations and game variations, such as Blackjack Switch, Spanish 21, and many more. Actually, if you ever want to mimic a game found at a specific casino, or with a specific rule or situation, Casino Vérité will be able to reproduce this with its worldwide casino database.

Lastly, you will not need to worry about knowing how to use it, as this software is quite user-friendly, with a virtual assistant walking you through the steps, and well as several pages of well written and easy to follow help tips.

Here is a quick glimpse at their six applications:

Casino Vérité Blackjack

Complete blackjack practice and drills for all levels.

Casino Vérité CV-Blueprint

A cheaper version of the above, as it only holds half the features.

For Beginner and intermediate players only


High-speed simulations and calculations

For higher lever and serious players only


An even more advanced application for pros wishing to expand their gameplay

Advanced practices and strategies


For Shuffle tracking and Ace tracking

Players should have some basic knowledge of this first

CVData/Shuffle Track

For advances players interested in shuffle tracking, hole-carding, ace tracking, etc.

Blackjack Gold

Blackjack Gold, unlike many other programs out, there is one of the few that is both Windows and Mac OSX compatible, allowing Mac users to take in the action of blackjack games as a professional.

As many programs out there though, it does provide similar features. You will be able to simulate numerous real-life casino games and plays by actually customizing your games. For instance, you will be able to choose the number of players accompanying you on the table (up to 7 players though), as well as choosing the minimums and maximums of the table, card shuffling options, decks, and even the dealer’s voice and the appearance of the players.

The options go on and on, but you get the point – it is quite a customizable product for the players, which is great as you will be able to try-out and practice numerous variations of the games and simulations that will help you at the tables and all the different offline casinos (especially since each casino usually has different blackjack rules, limits, and so forwards).

Within the variations, you will be able to try different blackjack games too, such as Spanish 21, European Blackjack, Super Sevens, and many more – again, from different casinos in the United States and with different levels depending on your expertise (beginner to professional).

The up to 7 players can actually be human and not just computer, so obviously you could train with your friends or team – after all, you could all practice the strategies together card counting, and even alter the professional betting strategies to become an even more thorough player.

A great starting software for you and your team members, beginners or pros, Mac or PC.

This software is provided by the Gypsy King Software group, and they also cater to other casino games, such as roulette, video poker, craps, poker, and many others – so you might want to check them out in case you want to spread around the casino, after dominating blackjack of course.

Online Casino Blackjack Software

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