Oculus VR Blackjack Game Released


Jul 2018

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Software development group Hologram Software Ltd. has announced that they’ve released a new virtual reality blackjack game with Blackjack Bailey VR, with compatibility on the Oculus headset devices built in.

The game puts you at a virtual blackjack table, complete with 3D visuals that give depth to the room you’re in. There, you’re greeted by the beautiful blackjack dealer ‘Bailey’, which encourages you as you play the game. The title packs in no in-game purchases, but will run you $4.99 to get the experience. The app is purchasable through the Oculus market on the Rift, Gear, and Go platforms. Although the Oculus compatibility is being touted, the app is also available via the HTC Vive as well as the Google Cardboard systems.

A video preview of the game has been released to YouTube, and can be viewed below:

Thus far, the game seems to have received average reviews among users, with a 3-star rating on the Oculus platform. Users say it’s good for a quick VR diversion but has been a bit buggy during gameplay.

Blackjack Bailey VR is available for play now on the above-mentioned platforms.

Source: Gamasutra PR

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