Blackjack Errors to Avoid

Blackjack is the most popular casino game in the world, probably due to the ease of learning it and playing it, however, there are several points all players sometimes forget to consider, which can cost them dearly on the wallet’s side. So lets looks at the points and errors to avoid when playing blackjack.

Seeing that it is such an easy game compared to the rest, players tend to take it lightly. Avoid the error of overconfidence at blackjack, and pay attention to your game -play smart- and do not think that just because it is an easy game to learn, it is easy to beat as well. There is a reason why the casinos have this game, and it is to make money for themselves too, so beating it is never easy – unless you count cards, in which case it might just take you longer periods.

Make sure you know where you are playing. Research your casinos for offline or online blackjack; make sure they are reliable and safe to play at, which is why we have a list of reputable brands for online blackjack that are highly recommended.

For beginners, along with researching the venue, make sure you learn the game as well. Dealers might help you here and there, if you are playing offline, but otherwise, do not go in guessing your next moves, as ignorance will cost you. One of the most important things when sitting down at a table is to check the blackjack rules. There are many variations of blackjack and some games are much better then others so it is important to do your research and know what to look for.

Sure it is fun to have a drink or two with your buddies or people around while at the tables, but too much to drink could affect your decisions in an irrational manner and cause you to make dumb moves. In other words, even though it may seem fun for some of you, do not play under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Actually, you should avoid playing when you are in a bad mood, exhausted, or hungry too, as it will all cause you to play rushed and dumb – losing you your money.

The above could also be related to being disciplined at your game. Discipline however, also relates to your strategy; make sure you have got a good bankroll management strategy planned-out in order to make your game last longer. In other words, do not go chasing loses; many players will try to get loses back by going off their strategy and betting larger amounts or without thinking – remember, the game is designed for the House to win, so do not go off the plan, be disciplined, and do not let your emotions get the better of you.

Blackjack does turn out to be quite a psychological game at the end. For instance, many players ten to bet more or lower their stakes (go off their strategy) when they lose or win a hand, thinking it will give them better odds on the next hand… this is commonly referred to as the ‘gambler’s fallacy’. Really, unless you count cards, it all has to do with lady luck, and changing your betting patterns will not help you.

It is also psychological that players prefer to lose to the dealer as oppose to being busted. Standing on 16 is a great example of this, as players usually prefer to stand as oppose to hit for the opportunity of a higher number.

The dealer will usually (depending on the casino) stand at 17 or higher, so don’t wait for the dealer to bust in order to win – you should actually HIT at 16 as it will increase your odds of winning. Do not let that psychological fear beat you down and always play with basic strategy.

Finally, do not go greedy on yourself. If you have a nice winning streak going on, then either cash-out and enjoy those winnings, or stay within your betting strategy so worst comes to be, you will break-even. Always remember gambling is entertainment and you should never gamble more then you can lose.