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Double Attack Blackjack is a blackjack variation offered by Bally’s and El Cortez in Las Vegas, Harrah’s Philadelphia, Harrah’s Hammond, and several Atlantic City casinos. Most casinos have a $5 or $10 minimum bet for Double Attack Blackjack. El Cortez offers this game with a $3 minimum bet. The game was invented by Geoff Hall and is distributed by Shuffle Master. Double Attack Blackjack is dealt with eight Spanish decks. This means that there are no tens, but face cards are still in the deck.

Double Attack Blackjack is similar to a standard blackjack game but the order of deal is altered. The dealer receives the first card. That card is dealt face up. Players then decide if they would like to double their bet in the Double Attack betting box based on this up card. The proper strategy is to double if the dealer has a 2-8 showing. While a player may place less than their original bet on the Double Attack bet, the right play is to always double it if the card is not a 9, ten value card, or an ace.

Players are then dealt the remainder of their cards face up with the dealer receiving one additional card placed face down. If the dealer’s up card is an ace, players are offered insurance. Insurance pays 5-2. The dealer will check for blackjack if their up card is a ten-value card or ace. If the dealer has blackjack, the hand is over and all players lose except those that also have blackjack. Those players with blackjack will push a dealer blackjack.

If the dealer does not have blackjack, the game continues and players act. Players may double down on any two cards. Players may also double down after hitting. Splitting up to four hands is allowed except on aces where players receive just one card. Players may double down after a split, even after drawing. If a player made a Double Attack wager, this bet must be matched on a split. On a double down, a player may double down for less than the total bet including the Double Attack bet.

Players may surrender at any time. This includes surrender after a double down, split, or double down after split. A player will lose half of their original bet, Double Attack bet, and any split or double down bets that are made if they choose to surrender. If a player surrenders one part of a split hand, the other splits hand(s) are still in play and are not affected.

The dealer stands on all 17’s. All player blackjacks pay even money. The house edge of Double Attack Blackjack is .62%.

BustIt Side Bet

There is an optional side bet offered. The side bet is called BustIt. The side bet is based on the dealer busting on a total of three cards. If the dealer does not bust, or busts in more than three total cards, the bet loses. The BustIt side bet has an 8% house advantage. The payouts are as follows:

Dealer busts with suited 888: 200-1

Dealer busts with colored 888: 50-1

Dealer busts with 6: 15-1

Dealer busts with 7: 10-1

Dealer busts with 8: 8-1

Dealer busts with 9: 6-1

Dealer busts with 10: 3-1