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The Lucky Stiff side bet is active when a player is dealt a hard 12-16 or a blackjack.  The bet will lose when any other hand is dealt.  If a player is dealt a blackjack Lucky Stiff pays even money immediately.  If the player is dealt a pair of 6’s, 7’s or 8’s then the player is paid 10-1 immediately.  All other 12-16 hands must be played to the end to determine the wager‘s result.

If a player beats the dealer after starting with a 12-16 the player will be paid 5-1.  If the player pushes the deal then the Lucky Stiff bet pushes.  If the dealer wins the hand then the side bet loses.  Players should use basic strategy.  The side bet should never cause the player to adjust their play.  Luck Stiff has a 4% house advantage.

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