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Total Rewards is the player’s club managed by Caesars Entertainment. Total Rewards is arguably the worst player’s club in the United States when it comes to earning points. It is certainly considered to be poor in comparison to other Las Vegas casino properties, especially for slot and video poker players. Caesars Entertainment properties that use Total Rewards include Harrah’s, Quad, Flamingo, Bally’s, Caesars Palace, Paris Las Vegas and Planet Hollywood.

Total Rewards has a different philosophy than other Las Vegas casinos when it comes to rewarding their players. Some players like this unique view, while others avoid Caesars Entertainment for this reason. Total Rewards gives players .2% in comps to slot machine players and .1% to video poker players. These comps must be used towards hotel, store purchases or restaurants. Some Caesars Entertainment properties will allow players to exchange their points for free slot play. Points exchanged for free slot play are redeemed at a rate of 50% compared to comps. This means that slot players will receive .1% in free slot play, while video poker players will receive .05% in free slot play based on their coin in on previous play.

While the instant gratification of Total Rewards comps and free slot play is low, Caesars Entertainment makes up for it with mailers. Offers made to players includes free slot play and free hotel rooms. Free slot play is more common for regional casinos outside of Las Vegas. Players throughout the U.S. will receive great offers at less desirable Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas properties such as Flamingo, Quad, Bally’s, Harrah’s or Rio. Even low volume players can find a free weekday hotel room at these properties. This is the most common reason given by players that choose Caesars Entertainment properties over other Las Vegas resorts.

There are four Total Rewards tiers. All players start at Gold. Players that earn 4000 points in a year are upgraded to Platinum. Diamond players must earn 11,000 annual points, while the top tier of Seven Stars must earn 100,000 points in a year. In addition to earning one tier point for every $5 in slot play or $10 in video poker play, tier points are earned at a rate of one for every $5 spent in restaurants, hotels and shops. Table game and poker players also earn points based on the individual casino policy based on their game and average wager.

Platinum and Diamond Benefits

Platinum and Diamond players enjoy line passes throughout all Caesars Entertainment properties. This includes line passes at the casino cage, buffet, valet and special reservations at restaurants. Regional Caesars Entertainment properties also give these players special parking privileges.

Diamond Lounge

The most common reason players give to reach the Diamond Tier is to receive access to the Diamond Lounge. All higher end Caesars Entertainment properties offer access to this exclusive amenity. While hours vary from property to property, the hours are typically 4pm-10pm. Diamond players will enjoy a spacious lounge area. This area is full of widescreen televisions and an open bar. A small buffet is spread to players in the Diamond Lounge as well. While the food offered is not comparable to a Las Vegas buffet, it can be enough to make a hungry player happy. Service is always five stars in the Caesars Entertainment Diamond lounges across the US.

Seven Stars

Seven Stars is the exclusive tier that offers players everything that they could ever want from a casino. Slot players must wager $500,000, while video poker players must wager $1 million in a year to reach this tier. Once that wager requirement is met the sky is the limit. Seven Star players are offered an annual gift, full concierge services and exclusive meet and greets with headline acts performing at Caesars Entertainment properties.

While Total Rewards may not be the best deal for low limit players, higher volume players will enjoy benefits that are not available from other casino companies. Players should decide where their play may fall and if they predict a year of high volume play then Total Rewards may be the best option.