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best blackjack booksLets cover some popular books that have received great recommendations and reviews from blackjack and casino pros. These books are highly recommended if you are serious about dominating the game – but of course, you still need to practice extensively before any real appearance and cash games at the casinos.

Some of the main authors and books mentioned all over the web as well as from all major review resources and players are those from Stanford Wong and from Arnold Snyder, which by the way have their own informational websites too – most of which is also located at

The number of blackjack books out there is quite extensive, so we will just stick to those mentioned more, with positive feedback from reliable sources, and from highly recommended writers, where not just the books below, but any other books from the below writers are recommended.

Basic Blackjack (Stanford Wong)

A good book to start off with, as it covers some good basic strategies, as well as almost every situation covering different and unusual rules; great for those who play a lot.

Not only that, but it also covers strategies on how to win the game without the need of counting cards, such as noticing a ‘tell’ – when the dealer’s body actually gives you a clue about their hole card.

Professional blackjack (Stanford Wong)

The best of Wong’s books according to most of the professional players and critiques out there. This book covers –probably- all the possible game variations and unusual rules possible out there. It also covers with great detail the ‘hi-low’ card counting system, and some interesting statistics on the game too. However, it is said this book is not for beginners as it is for intermediate to high-level players.

Blackbelt in Blackjack (Arnold Snyder)

Subtitled: Blackjack as a Martial Arts, this book is probably one of the best for beginners and intermediate players, as it covers all topics from A to Z on card counting, basic strategy, professional techniques, and much more. It also covers the Red Seven and Zen Counts.

Big Book of Blackjack (Arnold Snyder)

Another great book from Snyder, which should be part of every serious players’ bookshelf. It covers every single topic imaginable about blackjack in a fresh manner. Here you will find topics such as the history of blackjack, influential players and people, game variations and how to beat them, poetry, team play and even cheating.

Blackjack Attach (Donald Schlesinger)

Currently, on its 3rd edition, Blackjack Attach has even an introduction from Snyder and Wong, which is a great addition to this book’s credibility. A great book that covers a lot of the advance player tactics and techniques, and as such, the players should have a good understanding of card counting and the basics… in other words, it is not for beginners, and probably not for intermediate players either more for professional players looking to polish their blackjack game – covering back-counting, statistics, camouflage, win rates and much more.

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