Online Blackjack Player Flips Out After Losing $5,000 Hand on Twitch


May 2015

Dustin Jermalowicz | POSTED IN Blackjack | NO COMMENTS

Over the weekend a blackjack player on the internet game stream site Twitch flipped out after losing a $5,000 hand, embarrassing himself in front of 40,000 viewers.

Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris lost the hand after he originally drew an Ace and a five, followed by a Jack. Morris then waited out the hand as the dealer drew two sixes, followed by a third six to give him a finishing hand of eighteen to the player’s sixteen.

Morris then flipped out, running toward the door of his flat before grabbing clothes and throwing them, pacing the apartment before coming back to his computer to turn off the steam.

Those interested in viewing the video can do so below:

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