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The northern Las Vegas Strip includes everything from Treasure Island and Venetian up to the Stratosphere. The best casino for blackjack on the Strip is in this area. Some of the worst games for low limit players are also found on this part of the Las Vegas Strip.

Treasure Island spreads the best blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip. All double deck and shoe games pay 3-2. Treasure Island is the only casino on the Las Vegas Strip that can make that claim. The minimums for these games start at $10. In the shoe games, players can double down after splitting, surrender and re-split aces. The double deck allows double down after splitting. The dealer hits soft 17. A player that is willing to play for $25 can go to the high limit room where the dealer stands on 17 for both games.

SLS Las Vegas is the next best blackjack casino on this portion of the Strip. It offers six-deck shoes that allow double down after splitting, surrender and re-split aces for $10. This game is available for $100 where the dealer stands on all 17โ€™s. SLS Las Vegas removed its double deck game and replaced it with a single deck one that pays 6-5. There are also some 6-5 tables in a party pit that pay 6-5. These are only open on weekends.

The only other casino on this stretch with decent low limit blackjack is Stratosphere but you have to look for it. There are two $10 3-2 games that allow double down after splitting and the dealer hits soft 17. There is a double deck game for $25 with the same rules. All other tables pay 6-5 on a natural.

Venetian and Palazzo pay 6-5 on all blackjack games under $50. At the $50 limit, players can get a shoe game where double down after splitting, surrender and re-split aces are permitted. Blackjack pays 3-2. The dealer hits soft 17. At $100 in the high limit salon, the dealer stands on all 17โ€™s in the shoe games. There is a double deck game that allows double down after splitting that starts at $50 and pays 3-2 on a blackjack. There are five video blackjack tables throughout the properties that have a $5 minimum bet and pay 3-2. These have double down after splitting and surrender. These games also accept a players card.

Wynn and Encore slashed the payouts at lower limit blackjack games in July 2015. All games under $25 pay 6-5 with the exception of a rare $15 game. The $25 shoes tables allow double down after splitting, surrender and re-split aces. This game stands on all 17โ€™s at the $200 limit. There is a double deck game with a $100 minimum that allows double down after splitting. The dealer hits soft 17.

Circus Circus does not offer any blackjack games under $25 with a 3-2 payout. Players must sit at the one double deck game that has a $25 minimum bet to get paid 3-2. The dealer hits soft 17. Slots A Fun offers $2 video blackjack that allows double down on any two cards, surrender and the dealer stands on all 17โ€™s.

Riviera closed on May 4, 2015. The casino will be demolished to make room for an expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Riviera was the only place on the Las Vegas Strip where there was $1 hand dealt blackjack.

Northern Blackjack Survey

# of Decks
Min Bet
Max Bet
H/S 17
# of Tables
Party Pit
6/5 BJ
House Hold %
Palazzo6152500H----3NoNoNoNoBJ Switch0.0058
Venetian8102500H----2NoNoNoNoBJ Switch0.0058
SLS Las Vegas6101000H----4NoNoNoNoBJ Switch0.0058
Encore6102000H----1NoNoNoNoBJ Switch0.0058
Wynn6152500H----1NoNoNoNoBJ Switch0.0058
Casino Royale651000H----4NoNoNoNoBJ Switch0.0058
Venetian8102500H----3NoNoNoNoFree Bet0.0104
Palazzo6152500H----3NoNoNoNoFree Bet0.0102
Casino Royale651000H----4NoNoYesNoFree Bet0.0241
Circus Circus15500HNoNoNoNo5NoNoYesNoNo0.019746
Circus Circus65500HYesYesNoNo18NoNoNoNoNo0.0063873
Circus Circus65500HYesYesNoNo6NoNoYesNoNo0.0199842
Slots A Fun61500HYesYesNoYes3-NoNoYesNo0.0055051
Casino Royale151000HYesNoNoNo1NoNoYesNoNo0.0169824
Treasure Island2505000SYesYesNoNo2NoNoNoNoNo0.0025532
Treasure Island6255000SYesYesYesYes4NoNoNoNoNo0.0028507
Treasure Island1101000HYesNoNoNo7NoNoYesNoNo0.0169824
Treasure Island2103000HYesYesNoNo2NoNoNoNoNo0.0045688
Treasure Island6102000HYesYesYesYes16NoNoNoNoNo0.0048263
Treasure Island6102000HYesYesYesYes10YesNoNoNoNo0.0045953
SLS Las Vegas6102000HYesYesYesYes22NoNoNoNoNo0.0048263
SLS Las Vegas2252000HYesYesNoNo2NoNoNoNoNo0.0045688
SLS Las Vegas61005000SYesYesYesYes2NoNoNoNoNo0.0028507
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Northern Las Vegas Casinos Information

Casino Royale

Casino Royale pulled a few blackjack tables since our survey. It rolled out three more Free Bet Blackjack games, making it the casino with the most installations of the game in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, all of these games pay 6-5 on blackjack. It also offers a single deck game and four Blackjack Switch games. Casino Royale seems to be willing to take on more risk this year. The maximum bet is now $1,000, up from $100 last year. The minimum bet is still just $5.

Circus Circus

Circus Circus has made the move to having all blackjack games under $25 with a 6-5 payout, and the dealer hits on a soft 17.


Encore is Wynnโ€™s less expensive sister property. It is a short walk through a shopping corridor from Wynn. Players can find $25 shoe games that pay 3-2 on blackjack. There are also $10 6-5 single deck games and quality high limit games.


Palazzo is a less expensive way to experience Venetian. Both are owned by Las Vegas Sands. Palazzo players will not find any 6-5 games within the property. Blackjack tables with $10 minimum bets are plentiful. This makes it one of the best places to play blackjack on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip. Two Free Bet Blackjack tables and a Blackjack Switch may be found, giving players looking for variants, multiple options.


Blackjack at Stratosphere has taken a turn for the worse. An entire pit is now dedicated to the evil 6-5 shoe game. These terrible games are adjacent to the craps tables. Traditional 3-2 payouts may be found in another pit in both double deck and six-deck forms with $10 minimum bets, which is up from $5 last year.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island has the best blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip this year. The casino’s double deck and shoe games all pay 3-2 on blackjack and offers the most lenient rules when it comes to doubling down, splitting, surrendering, and offering splits on Aces. The minimums at this casino start at a reasonable $10.


Venetian offers blackjack games as low as $10 during off-peak hours. These minimums will often be $15 or even $25 on weekends, but all tables with minimums under $50 now pay 6-5 blackjack. The best games start with a $50 minimum where the dealer stays on all 17โ€™s. There are two Dealers Angels blackjack machines that have a $5 minimum bet that has some of the best rules in Las Vegas.


Wynn has also dropped the 3-2 payouts on blackjack games on tables with less than a $25 minimum, with the rules going into effect in July 2015. The casino does offer better rules for $25 shoe tables, which allow for double downs after splits, and the re-splitting of Aces.

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