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The South Las Vegas Strip’s blackjack conditions have deteriorated substantially in 2015. This is due to major changes at several MGM Resorts properties. All but one of the casinos on this section of the Strip are owned by MGM Resorts. Tropicana is the only independent casino. MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur, New York New York, Monte Carlo and Aria are all owned by MGM Resorts.

MGM destroyed its low limit blackjack games at every one of its casinos this year. During our last survey, there were no 6-5 games at Excalibur and Aria. The only ones at MGM Grand were at single deck tables. Luxor only spread them in the party pit. This all changed this year.

MGM Grand changed all of its blackjack tables $25 and under to 6-5 eight-deck shoes. Players will still find the six-deck stand on 17 shoes that allow double down after splitting, surrender and re-split aces for $50. For $100, players get a double deck game that stands on all 17s and allows double down after splitting.

Mandalay Bay spreads nothing but 6-5 games under $25. At $25, players get a 3-2 game that allows double down after splitting, surrender, and re-split aces where the dealer hits soft 17. It takes $200 to get this game where the dealer stands on all 17’s.

Luxor turned all shoe games on the main casino floor into 6-5 tables. Players must hit up the $25 double deck table where double after splitting is permitted to get paid 3-2. The dealer hits soft 17. Luxor’s high limit room has a $100 minimum bet. The dealer now hits soft 17 in there.

Excalibur now only spreads 6-5 games in shoes. Like Luxor, double deck is the only game on the casino floor that pays 3-2. It has a $25 minimum bet. There is no high limit room at Excalibur.

New York New York is the only MGM casino that regularly spreads blackjack under $25 that pays 3-2. There are two eight-deck shoes located behind the craps pit. Otherwise, the rest of the shoe blackjack tables pay 6-5. There are two double deck blackjack tables with a $25 minimum that pay 3-2 and allow double down after splitting. The high limit games now have a $100 minimum bet and hit a soft 17.

Monte Carlo’s blackjack is identical to New York New York’s games except that it does not have any shoe blackjack games on the floor that pay 3-2. There is one double deck table with a $25 minimum that pays 3-2 and allows double down after splitting. Monte Carlo doubled its high limit minimum bet to $100 and started hitting soft 17.

Aria converted all of its games under $25 to 6-5. Players that are willing to play for $25 get a hit on 17 shoe where double down after splitting, surrender and re-split aces are allowed. For $50, the dealer will stand on all 17’s. A double deck game where double down after splitting is allowed starts at $100. The dealer stands on all 17’s in this game.
Tropicana offers a handful of 3-2 blackjack tables under $25. Make sure to walk past the first pit to find them. The high limit area offers a shoe game that stands on all 17’s and offers surrender and double down after splitting for $100.

South Strip Blackjack Survey

# of Decks
Min Bet
Max Bet
H/S 17
# of Tables
Party Pit
6/5 BJ
House Hold %
Mandalay Bay610010000SYesYesYesYes7NoNoNoNoNo0.0028507
Mandalay Bay210010000SYesYesNoNo2NoNoNoNoNo0.0025532
Mandalay Bay6105000HYesYesNoYes17YesNoYesNoNo0.018871
Aria6255000H----2NoNoNoNoFree Bet0.0102
Aria6155000H----2NoNoNoNoBJ Switch0.0058
Mandalay Bay6255000HYesYesYesYes4NoNoNoNoNo0.0048263
Monte Carlo6505000SYesYesYesYes1NoNoNoNoNo0.0028507
Mandalay Bay2255000HYesYesNoNo4NoNoNoNoNo0.0045688
Monte Carlo2505000SYesYesNoNo2NoNoNoNoNo0.0025532
MGM6102500H----1NoNoNoNoBJ Switch0.0058
Mandalay Bay6102500H----1YesNoNoNoFree Bet0.0102
Mandalay Bay6102500H----2YesNoNoNoBJ Switch0.0058
MGM6152000H----1NoNoNoNoFree Bet0.0102
Excalibur6101000HYesYesNoNo1YesNoNoNoWar BJ0.0061563
Luxor6101000H----1NoNoNoNoBJ Switch0.0058
Excalibur651000H----2YesNoNoNoBJ Switch0.0058
Monte Carlo6101000H----1NoNoNoNoBJ Switch0.0058
Monte Carlo1101000HYesNoNoNo1NoNoYesNoNo0.0169824
Monte Carlo8101000HYesYesNoNo8NoYesYesNoNo0.0201881
Monte Carlo8101000HYesYesYesYes20NoNoYesNoNo0.018575
NYNY6101000H----1NoNoNoNoBJ Switch0.0058
NYNY6101000H----1NoNoNoNoFree Bet0.0102
Tropicana6101000HYesYesYesNo1NoNoNoNoWar BJ0.0057085
Mandalay Bay85500HYesYesNoNo2-NoYesYesNo0.0201881
Monte Carlo45500HYesYesNoYes2-NoNoYesNo0.0051458
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South Las Vegas Casinos


Aria is one of the few Las Vegas Strip properties not stricken with 6-5 blackjack. Players will find $10 minimum bets on a great blackjack game that allows double down after splitting, surrender and re-split aces. The dealer hits all 17’s and this game is dealt out of a continuous shuffle machine. Players willing to bet $15 or more will find this game with a true shuffle. Higher limit players will find games that stand on all 17’s.


Excalibur offers a plethora of $10 minimum blackjack games. All pay 3-2, except in the party pit. Blackjack Switch is also available. Many games at Excalibur are dealt with a continuous shuffle machine.


Luxor is not the high-end property it was 20 years ago. For this reason, players can find regular $5 minimum games that pay 3-2 on blackjack, except in the party pit, where games pay 6-5 on a natural and often through a continuous shuffle machine. The high limit salon spreads games that stay on all 17’s, but it is only open on weekends.

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay is one of the largest casinos in Nevada. This allows it to offer many blackjack tables, all of which pay 3-2 on blackjack when dealing more than one deck. The high limit area is open during most peak hours. There is an Interblock video blackjack machine that caters to $5 players.

MGM Grand

MGM Grand is a massive casino that spreads some of the best blackjack games, assuming the single deck tables are avoided. Players with large bankrolls can take advantage of the tables that stay on all 17’s. There are also several video blackjack games available, which are some of the best blackjack games in Las Vegas. Blackjack Switch is offered as a variant. All double deck and shoe games allow double down after splitting, while the shoe games also offer surrender and re-split aces.

Park MGM

Park MGM (renamed from Monte Carlo) spreads too many 6-5 shoe games, especially for an MGM property. Players that look around for the best table will find 3-2 games with a $5 minimum. There is also a single deck party pit that pays 6-5 that should be avoided. Low limit players will be happy to know that Dealers Angels machines are still available, which offer a $5 minimum bet and stay on all 17’s.

New York New York

New York New York offers a 20-table party pit with single deck 6-5 games. Once walking past these terrible games, there are enough tables to keep expert blackjack players happy. The minimum bet starts at just $5 for 3-2 shoe games. Double deck games require a $25 minimum bet, $50 for players that want the dealer to stay on all 17’s. Exotic games include Free Bet Blackjack and Blackjack Switch.


Tropicana no longer offers a party pit, but 6-5 blackjack games are still offered among standard 3-2 games. A $5 minimum bet is offered at both tables. The high limit salon offers a shoe game that stays on all 17’s.

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