New Blackjack Game “Free Bet” Emerges in California


Jul 2014

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A new blackjack game is making the rounds in northern Californian casinos, as the player friendly โ€œFree Betโ€ is becoming popular.

Free Bet is a blackjack variant that looks and feels like the classic casino game, albeit with a few twists. Players who receive identical cards (save for 10โ€™s and 4โ€™s) are given a big chip that represents a free bet, in lieu of being given the opportunity to double down on the hand. If the player ends up winning the game, the big chip pays out 1:1 on the original bet amount in addition to the amount wagered.

Of course, a casino game always has to give the house an edge, and in this case the dealer gets a break, as 22 does not represent a losing hand for the dealer. Instead, dealers who score a 22 will result in an automatic push to all players at the table, netting a small advantage to the casino.

Free Bet was invented by Geoff Hall, who is famous for inventing the classic blackjack variation game โ€œBlackjack Switchโ€. The game is currently available for play at Cache Creek Casino and Granton Resort and Casino.

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