Best Blackjack Games in Las Vegas 2017


May 2013

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Note we have a more current article with updated recommendations here: Best Blackjack in Las Vegas, 2017

After surveying over 40 Las Vegas casinos, John Mehaffey names the best and worst blackjack games in Las Vegas for 2017.

Las Vegas Blackjack Hall of Fame – Best Blackjack Casino

It is time to honor the casinos that know that it is still a good business practice to offer a great blackjack game to players.

This year’s Las Vegas Blackjack Hall of Fame award goes to MGM Grand. They were also the best place to play blackjack in last year’s survey. MGM Grand offers the lowest limit blackjack game in Las Vegas that stays on all 17’s. A player can bet as little as $15 to play in this game and some mornings that game is $10. You have to look for those tables though. There are 11 of them buried in the back of the table game pits near the high limit area. This game also allows double down after a split, resplit aces and surrender.

They also offer a double deck that stays on all 17’s, although that game has a minimum bet $100. This game allows double down after splitting. An early morning version of that game may still be as low as $50.

Honorable mentions go out to other MGM Resorts properties. Mirage offers double deck and shoe games that stay on all 17’s with the same rules with a $25 minimum. Aria and Bellagio offer the shoe game with a $25 minimum and a $50 minimum on double deck.

Las Vegas Blackjack Hall of Shame – Worst Blackjack Casino

The loss of O’Sheas means that I am forced to choose another casino for our 2017 Blackjack Hall of Shame. The Quad, formerly Imperial Palace, wins this disgrace. That is because every game in The Quad pays 6-5 on blackjack. The Quad is also still a construction zone that sent its poker room into the Siberian like third floor, killing one of the juiciest poker rooms in the city. Even the most motivated poker player may never find it buried in its new home.

Honorable, or disgraceful mention goes to Casino Royale, who offers some Blackjack Switch games but also pays 6-5 on all other blackjack games. This includes the new and fun Free Bet Blackjack. Casino Royale was not satisfied by just making Free Bet Blackjack a 6-5 game, they had to also take away the player’s ability to receive a free double after they have hit. This feature is available everywhere else Free Bet Blackjack is installed.

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