New Blackjack Product Increased Traffic To mFortune


Jun 2014

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UK licensed internet casino mFortune has reported an increase in players thanks to the release of their new online blackjack game.

The increase has brought record numbers of new players to the casino, which offers players the opportunity to play via their PC as well as mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

mFortune is attributing the popularity of its blackjack product to the fact that the game is tailored to players of all skill levels, and provides a relaxed yet energetic atmosphere.

โ€œCasinos are often adrenaline-charged, aggressive atmospheres, something which puts off many newbies playing perfectly enjoyable casino games,โ€ an mFortune release read. โ€œThereโ€™s also the fact that some beginners may be intimidated approaching expert dominated blackjack tables for the first time. Online, this is no hindrance, as free demos and the ability to play anonymously means novices can take to these games with ease.โ€

mFortuneโ€™s blackjack game is available for free and real money play now through the siteโ€™s casino page.

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  1. Joshua Chan says:

    Playing on mobile is the future for a game like blackjack as you can sit comfortably and just tap hit or stand with the same hand your holding your mobile with.

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