Skrill Possibly Facing Security Breach


Feb 2016

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Blackjack players should be aware of a potential security breach on the popular electronic payment processing service Skrill, as a high-rolling VIP player had more than €150,000 stolen from him.

The player was victimized when a hacker ended up securing his login details, then managed to get in and send a series of withdrawals to other accounts in their control. Details on the breach are still forthcoming, as Skrill has yet to divulge just how the player’s details were compromised. The event was not an isolated incident either, as various other players have reported that their accounts have also been compromised, with one player revealing that someone had made a small deposit into their account before having thousands of dollars plundered from his account.

Skrill has become a trusted online payment services provider since it was founded in 2001. The company is based out of London and brings in hundreds of millions of dollars per year. The company has been nearly silent on the issue, but has instead told users to reset their passwords while making sure they knew that the company offered free two-factor authentication in order to help secure accounts.

We are still working to pinpoint the cause of the issue as well as a resolution to the situation, but are currently urging all players who use online casinos to use caution on all of their online accounts, especially their Skrill accounts.

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