Man Arrested for Cheating at Blackjack in Pennsylvania


Nov 2015

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Last week a New Jersey man was arrested at the Sands Bethlehem Casino in Pennsylvania after he was caught cheating at the casino’s blackjack games.

Christopher Jenkins was caught cheating at the game last Sunday at Sands Bethlehem when he was caught twice trying to change his bet after the initial card was dealt, which is a violation of casino rules and the law. As of press time Jenkins was still in jail as he was unable to post his bail, which was set at $5,000.

Under Pennsylvania law it is unlawful to: “Knowingly, by a trick or sleight of hand performance or by fraud or fraudulent scheme, table game device or other device, for himself or for another, win or attempt to win any cash, property or prize at a licensed facility or to reduce or attempt to reduce a losing wager.”

The crime is a misdemeanor for a first offense but moves up to a felony for any additional offenses. It is currently unknown whether or not Jenkins has had a previous conviction for this type of offense.

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