Man Wins $1 Million Blackjack Jackpot at Caesars Windsor


Sep 2018

Dustin Jermalowicz | POSTED IN Blackjack | 3 COMMENTS

This week a man from Leamington, Ontario won a whopping $1,044,822 while playing blackjack at Caesars Windsor.

The man, who’s name is Peter, won the progressive jackpot while playing blackjack with a progressive side bet. That side bet saw Peter putting down a $5 side wager in Blackjack Progressive, which sees the punter making a poker hand based on the player’s two hands and the dealer’s face-up card. If a player gets a Royal Flush with Diamonds, they win the jackpot.

This ended up being the case for Peter, as he was dealt the Royal Flush at 8:07pm on Monday evening. The dealer for the game was Michelle Jubenville, who said, โ€œWe both couldnโ€™t believe it. It feels wonderful to be a part of changing ,someoneโ€™s life โ€ฆ Itโ€™s unforgettable.โ€

In a press release Caesars Windsor said, โ€œCaesars Windsor is thrilled to celebrate this life-changing million-dollar jackpot. We are proud to include (Peter) in our propertyโ€™s winning tradition.โ€

Peter didn’t issue any comment, although it’d be interesting to know what he plans to do with his newfound fortune.

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